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Low Cut Socks, (L) x2

I’ll surprise you with another pair.


Ya know when you’ve worn them so much that they’re stiff from your sweaty feet.



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Jock Strap, Papi (M)

The last of my jock straps. Nice snug fitting pouch


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Jock Strap, Papi (L)

Last one! Check out the gallery photo.


Comfortable pouch with some nice wears!

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Footy Trunks ( Size 32)

You’ve probably seen these in the gallery shots. I had to wear them for some promo shots and wore them a few times after that. Some nice C&B rubbing.

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Running sox

Great running sneakers from Asics. Had some great runs in these and it’s pretty obvious.

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Compression shorts UA,

Last of the UA comp shorts. These are an (XL) but I’m a medium and they fit perfect.

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Boxer Jock, 2(x)ist (S)

Worn in the right places & stretched in the right place.

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Athletic Cup (XL) Various brands

Only 3 left and they’ll be vacuum sealed just before shipping.

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Jock Strap, Bike


Can’t go past a classic jock strap. It’s an XL but Bike run small. I’m a medium and they fit perfect.


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JSG Upgrade 20

Upgrade $20.00. You know when you like the gear but just need something that would make it even hotter (I mean better).  Shoot me a mail if you’re wanting something particular before placing your order. Thanks

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Tee Shirts, Various brands

Brands include: Levis, Lucky Brand, Umbro & More

These are on me quite a bit. Under my work shirt or with a pair of jeans. I wear them until they sell and they just rotate so some are stronger than others, but all smell of me. In case you haven’t read the “About Me” section (now go back and read it) I don’t wear deodorant, cologne, or anything that takes away from my scent. I don’t even wash with scented soap!

Oh and don’t let the photo fool you. This is what they look like when new.

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